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We thrive of information

And like to share it with others.

Free of charge we provide various resources on the topics of health management, medical tourism, as well as observations on current market developments.

These include written conversation summaries under the title "Medical Tourism Conversations", a podcast on the topic of health tourism, the first episodes of which are expected to be published in 2020/21, regular blog posts which highlight individual topics and classify current events in medical tourism.

Medical Tourism Conversations

The Medical Tourism Conversations series consists of résumés by our partner Christian F. El-Khouri and contains observations, thought-provoking impulses and other share-worthy content that emerges during interviews, telephone calls and consulting engagements. He regularly talks to international market leaders in the industry, hospital management and staff, as well as the patients themselves.

Medical Tourism Podcast

Similar to the Medical Tourism Conversations series, the podcast often features leading industry minds. As an audio production it offers the benefit of longer, in depth, conversations. We explore the history of medical tourism in their country and analyse how differently stakeholders approach the topic of Medical and Health-Tourism.

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